Fleur Loveridge

DSC_0269I am Professor of Geo-Energy Engineering and Director of Research and Innovation in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds. Mainly I am engaged in research about ground engineering – how civil engineering structures and our essential infrastructure interact with the ground beneath our feet. I am privileged to have been funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering as one of their research fellows, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council for various projects including and Innovation Fellowship.

Previously I spent nine years working as a consultant in geotechnical engineering, mainly at Mott MacDonald and before then Babtie Group. 

I am also a passionate cave explorer and generally like to get away from it all and into the wilderness whenever I can. If I am not answering your emails, I am probably down a hole somewhere, where there is no phone or data signal. 

If you are interested in my research you can also look up my ORCID ID.