Beneath those Mountains Again

I’d been caving for perhaps nine hours. We’d been going slowly, carrying a lot of equipment and I was tired. Very tired. Now I was shivering in a storm shelter at the foot of a draughty waterfall with so much flow that you could barely see where the pitch rope was. In any other circumstance…


Commitment in Cantabria (Part II)

Four rebelays and five hangs to “the ledge” (merely a few square metres in size, but bliss to put your feet on the floor) then a further three hangs to -300m. That is the height of the Eiffel Tower pretty much straight down.

Expedition Update

Its not been all work. Since the Arctic Slope expedition I have been cave exploring in Austria (twice), Tasmania, Timor-Leste and Myanmar. Totes Gebirge 2015 & 2016 As guests again of Cambridge University Cave and friends I was privileged to be involved with exploration of one of the most significant cave systems in the world.…


Arctic Slope Expedition

A 450km journey down the Nigu, Etivluk and Colville Rivers in Alaska Learning Fast I was learning fast on the river Nigu. How to line a canoe through rapids, how to read the river and what strokes to use during what manoeuvres. It was important that both ourselves and our cargo stayed safe as it…