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PhD & EngD Students

Renrong Li (2022 – 2023, Visiting PhD Hohai University) Energy piled rafts

Seif Alnahar (2022 – 2025, PhD) Displacement control of energy piles

Paul Howlett (2021 – 2026, part time PhD) Thermal behaviour of deep tunnels

Aakash Gupta (2020 – 2023, PhD) Thermal energy from embedded retaining walls

Milena Murari (2020, Visiting PhD University of Sao Paulo) Driven energy piles in Brazil

Legaire Pinedo Ortiz de Mendivil (2016 – 2022, part time PhD). Flooding of railway track drainage.

Josh Turner (2019 – 2022, PhD) Smart Monitoring: Using System Data to Reduce GHG Emissions from Heat Pumps in Operation.

Saleh Meibodi (2016 – 2019, PhD). Modelling dynamic thermal responses of pipelines in thermal energy networks.

Oleksandra (Sasha) Pedchenko (2015 – 2019, PhD). Investigating heat transport by groundwater in fractured aquifers for ground energy applications.

Miguel Angel Vivas Mefle (2015 – 2019, EngD). Vulnerability of railway earthworks to future extreme weather events.

Kui Liu (2014 – 2019, EngD). Computed tomography (CT) scanning to quantify the movement of moisture in soils under thermal gradients

Jasmine Low (2011 – 2015, PhD). Thermal properties of soils for energy foundation applications.

PhD Students Examined

Iain Johnston (2022) The role of flooding in the activation of landslides in rail infrastructure

Milena Murari (2022) Study of the behaviour of steel pipe energy piles for shallow geothermal heat exchange, University of Sao Paulo.

Andrew Minto (2022) Thermo-mechanical behaviour of thermo-active diaphragm walls, University of Dundee.

David Barns (2022) Unlocking the potential for thermal energy storage in the UK, University of Leeds.

James Woodman (2020) Thermo-mechanical loading of intact rock and discontinuities, University of Leeds.

Muataz Al-Moadhen (2019) Hydraulic, thermal and electrical conductivities of composite soils, University of Leeds.

Georgia Radioti (2016). Shallow geothermal energy: effect of in-situ conditions on borehole heat exchanger design and performance, University of Liege.

Yi Zheng (2015). Application Potential of Shallow Geothermal Energy at City Scale, University of Cambridge.

Asal Bidarmaghz (2014). 3D Numerical Modelling of Vertical Ground Heat Exchangers, University of Melbourne.

MSc Students

Zelin Han (2022) The underground thermal energy potential of HS2

Lee Ross (2022) The underground thermal energy potential of HS2

Joshua Lochan (2022) Geotechnical variability in the Gault Clay formation

Jithu Vijayakumar (2022) Uncertainty and heterogeneity in over consolidation clays in the UK

Joshua Tee (2022) Washout failures on the rail network

Carl Sellers (2022) Soil heterogeneity and thermal conductivity measurements

Chi Chang (2022) The effect of the third dimension in slope stability problems

Fengyu Gao (2021) Better Prediction of Washout Failures in Railway Cutting

Seif Alnahar (2021) The efficiency of slope drains in transient conditions

Joe Owen (2021) G-functions for large diameter energy piles

Sean Fells (2017) Sea water air conditioning in the Lesser Antilles

Alex Foden (2016) The effect of soil grain size on thermal conductivity measurement

Xuechun Ji (2016) Thermal response testing for different sized energy piles

Anthony Salinger (2015) Performance of a ground source heat pump systems

Cynthia Tan (2014) Heating and cooling performance of the Crystal, a sustainable mixed use building in East London.

Jeff Brabec (2012) Laboratory determination of concrete thermal properties in relation to heat recovery in foundation piles with the use of a semi-analytical model.

Undergraduate Students

Jared Cook (Individual Project 2021/22). Washouts of railway slopes.

Barzan Barzani (Individual Project 2021/22). What are the factors associated with railway embankment slope failures?

Abukar Sharif (Individual Project 2021/22). What are the factors associated with railway cut slope failures?

Harry Ward (Individual Project 2021/22). The factors effecting the thermal resistance of energy walls.

Ziyad Salem (Individual Project 2020/21). What are the factors associated with railway embankment slope failures?

Haaris Farid (Individual Project 2020/21). What are the factors associated with railway cut slope failures?

Miriam Piemontese (Erasmus 2017). Design charts for energy diaphragm walls

Mumo Mutuli (Individual Project 2016/17). Carbon savings from use of energy foundations.

Matilde Calligaro (Erasmus 2016). Energy efficiency of diaphragm walls used as heat exchangers.

Vainu Goel (Individual Project 2015/16). The potential for 3D printing in soil mechanics applications.

Frederick Hailstone (Individual Project 2015/16). Carbon savings from use of energy foundations.

Tim Pellew (Individual Project 2015/16). The average temperature of energy piles for thermo-mechanical applications.

Stuart Field (Individual Project 2014/15). Investigation into rainfall driven slope instability.

Anduen Rrapo (Individual Project 2014/15). Moisture-saturation-thermal conductivity relationships in soils.

Ben Kelley (Individual Project 2013/14). The feasibility and potential of geothermal tunnel linings.

Group Design Project (2012/13). Hydrogeological analysis of the Limmo Peninsula using Crossrail shaft case study.

Lorenzo Giacon (Erasmus 2011/12). Flexible facings for soil nail retaining systems.