Socotra: Over Christmas and New Year 05/06 I was privileged to join the Socotra Karst Project on this Yemeni island of the coast of Africa.

New Zealand: Over Christmas and New Year 07/08 I joined a British expedition to the Mount Owen region of the south island. Ultimately frustrated by terrible weather, including a white Christmas, we made few new discoveries.

Croatia: In 2010 I joined the Lukina Jama expedition, to put divers in the terminal sump of this 1400m deep cave in the velebit mountains.

Austria: A long standing expedition to the Totes Gebirge by Cambridge University Caving Club and friends, I contributed to the exploration of  the cavesTunnockschacht and Balkon Hoehle during the summers of 2013 to 2017.

East Timor: In 2014 I was part of a British team that conducted the first dedicated caving expedition to Timor Leste. This reconnaissance covered many areas and confirmed the karstic potential.

???????????????????????????????The awesome scenery of the Totes Gebirge in Austria