The path to Net Zero Heating and Cooling

Market uncertainty needs replacing with consistent policy across the energy, infrastructure and housing sectors. Critical new technologies require research investment. Campaigns are required for public information, to inform on what changes will be required in homes and workplaces, and help provide public acceptance and confidence in this new positive future.

Testing Pre-Cast Square Driven Energy Piles

It is possible to use thermal response tests on these small diameter square driven piles to determine the ground thermal conductivity to within 10%. However, for the pile thermal properties, it is better to calculate based on the known factory construction conditions of these particular piles

Research Update

Its been a long time since I updated this blog for which apologies! It’s been an exceptionally busy period as you will see from the below where I try to give a flavour of some of the things that have been going on. COST ACTION GABI I have become leader of the working group considering…

Geotechnical Engineering Lecture

This year I have been honoured to be asked to give the Geotechnical Engineering Lecture on the basis of the my paper Thermal Response Testing through the Chalk Aquifer, which was published in Proc ICE Geotechnical Engineering in 2013. Thermal response tests are an in situ technique to measure the thermal conductivity of the ground,…

Monitoring Long Term Performance of Energy Piles

This week I have been out on site installing temperature sensors in building foundations which will be used as “energy piles” as part of a ground source heat pump system.  Although an increasing number of successful test and operational energy piles schemes have now been completed, there are still very few case studies where the…