The path to Net Zero Heating and Cooling

Market uncertainty needs replacing with consistent policy across the energy, infrastructure and housing sectors. Critical new technologies require research investment. Campaigns are required for public information, to inform on what changes will be required in homes and workplaces, and help provide public acceptance and confidence in this new positive future.

So why do we go caving?

People tend to have certain preconceptions about caves and caving, which do not reflect the reality and the rewards of the sport.  From non-cavers the most common remarks I get are about claustrophobia and going under water. Given that journalists are people, it is perhaps not surprising that some of the coverage of the ongoing…

How Much is “Too Much”?

In the last week or so I have been for a fifteen minute walk, been out (in a taxi and accompanied for moral support) to the hairdressers and been to visit friends for an about an hour. This may not seem like much, but for me at the moment, these were all major victories. Ten…

Beneath those Mountains Again

I’d been caving for perhaps nine hours. We’d been going slowly, carrying a lot of equipment and I was tired. Very tired. Now I was shivering in a storm shelter at the foot of a draughty waterfall with so much flow that you could barely see where the pitch rope was. In any other circumstance…


You can debate whether her visions of the future were plausible outcomes, but you cannot question the very real fear and distress she was experiencing as she looked out to an uncertain future.