A Purbeck Microadventure

IMG_2475Saturday was a beautiful day and an equally beautiful night.

We used it to escape to one of our favorite spots on south coast where you can get away from it all and enjoy a little bit of wild Britain surprisingly close to home.

We stopped only for a pint in the Square and Compass (it is very hard not to do this) before heading down to the sea. The moon was almost full and we didn’t really need our head torches, just enjoying the beautiful light of the night.

Tim did his usual midnight bbq, lovingly tending the coals while the clouds passed in front of the moon, giving strange shapes and shadows in the sky. It was a cold and windy night, and then the clouds moved over about midnight.  But, getting up for the toilet at around 5am I was rewarded with the most glorious clear skies and full bright moon shining on our ledge above the crashing waves.


Sunday was glorious and we enjoyed a slow breakfast before exploring the limestone dry valleys, recent landslides, boulderly shores, cliffs and crags. The Isle of Purbeck is a true little gem, close to the south’s centres of population, yet with plenty of quiet hidden corners.



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